Colucci Luciano

Born in 1977. I’m Italian. Pugliese by birth, Sicilian by love, Spanish by adoption.

I was initially trained in graphic arts at the Art Institute of Grottaglie (TA), a charming town in Salento famous for its ceramic craft tradition. I continue my training in the artistic field first in Lecce then in Rome, where I graduated first in Scenography at the Academy of Fine Arts then in Furniture and Interior Architecture at the Faculty of Architecture Valle Giulia University la Sapienza.
During my academic studies, I participate in exhibitions and competitions of ideas. I begin to collaborate with architectural and engineering firms as a designer of projects, both in Rome and in Palermo. Over the years I have always drawn and painted, trying different techniques but always preferring one, the watercolour, technique in which I specialized.
I call myself a Creative, a CURIOUS CREATIVE. In fact, although I was born as a Figurative Artist I do not disdain Abstract Art. Being an innate curious I love to experience. I experience the feeling of Happiness. My Art cannot be reduced to a single style, or in many styles that represent me. My art changes with experience, it changes with knowledge, it evolves into what is still unknown. Being Eclectic makes me an optimistic and undoubtedly happy person.

Olivo in Cava

Colucci Luciano

Anno 2016 - sfumato

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